Installation of RetroShield solution is a work mix of traditional paste and piling tape application and proven outer cover fastening method.

The method, using draw bolts, induces an outer cover hoop tension that ensure top class installation stability on pile and full enclosure of underlaying taping. Some advantages of installing RetroShield HD:

  • Cold-applied – No hot work permit required
  • Effective, reliable and safe outer cover fastening
  • Full length flange outer cover closure system on
  • Does not require substrate shotblast preparation
  • Environmentally friendly

CCI offers multiple different solutions for installation

  • Installation arranged by customer, alternatives:
    1. Own installation partners by customer. CCI supplies the material and installation instructions
    2. CCI trusted and professional installation partners
  • All inclusive installation by CCI
  • CCI also provides separate installation supervising services per customer request
  • CCI can also provide training services for installation

Retroshield HD