Retrogel is the corrosion protection gel used for all Retrowrap Solutions. By default it is factory applied and saturated into the Retrowrap sealing felt layer in quantities and type specified for each type of Retrowrap application. Once applied, the gel exhibits stability through an extensive operational temperature range with slump and melting points being outside those encountered in most applications. The gel is intensely hydrophobic, dispersing water on contact with the substrate while remaining inert to the physical and chemical effect of marine and fresh water throughout the operational lifetime of the system.

Retrogel P is a petrolatum based gel with active corrosion inhibiting additives, suitable within the normal temperature span, -20 to + 90°C.

Retrogel S is a silicone based gel with active corrosion inhibiting additives, suitable for higher ambient or pipe temperatures, up to 120°C.

Retrogel Spare Gel (separately provided)

Retrogel can also be used as cold applied additional filler compound, before Retrowraps are installed, for example for fill-up of smaller corrosion or structural related pits, unevenness or height differences.

Contact us for additional Retrogel Spare Gel, available in 200 liter barrels or 25 kg cans.