RETROSHIELD HD is a tape & wrap wraparound corrosion protection solution for onshore, inshore splash zone and underwater corrosion protection for piles and pipelines.

RETROSHIELD HD is a corrosion protection solution using traditional corrosion protection fill-up paste, petrolatum tape and a protective Outer Cover. It combines proven piling tape corrosion protection technology with long term proven polymeric multilayer fabric wrapping technology, successfully used in the Retrowrap product line for tens of years.

RETROSHIELD HD can be made for pile diameter from 100 mm to 3 meters (4” – 118”), also square, hexagonal and octagonal shaped piles, and it may be interlocked to accommodate any required protected length by using multiple custom made overlapping outer cover sleeves. Fastening with full-length factory-fitted Geon™ closure flanges and corrosion-resistant marine grade fasteners.

RETROSHIELD HD installation is made in 2 or 3 steps; application of paste (if applicable for the project), application of marine piling tape and fastening of outer cover. During outer cover installation, the flanges permit creation of induced hoop tension within the reinforced Outer Cover PVC-PU material. This ensure proper taping encapsulation and avoid cover displacements over time due to high temperature variations, tape settling, marine growth weight or wave forces.

  • Long design lifetime,15+ years
  • Long term proven outer cover material and installation technology,  gathered from RetrowrapTM brand.
  • Outer cover material elasticity ensures sufficient hoop tension throughout its projected lifetime
  • No need for post-tightening of fastening bolts during projected lifetime 
  • No installation stability-jeopardizing permanent material elongations or hoop tension changes
  • Outer cover easy removal and reinstallation for inspection
  • Provides active protection against impact, high wave suction forces and heavy sea growth
  • Excellent UV, Ozone, abrasion, biological and chemical resistance
  • Old proven method for corrosion inhibitor included pile taping and primer application
  • Cold-applied – no hot work permit required
  • May be fitted with corrosion rate monitoring
  • Reusable installation draw bolt tool set
  • Environmentally friendly