Thanks to its one-of-a-kind closing mechanism, the installation of our Retrowrap solution is cost effective, fast, reliable and safe. Some advantages of installing Retrowrap:

  • Cold-applied – No hot work permit required
  • One piece installation – No primer, filler or tapes
  • Full length flange closure system
  • Does not require substrate shotblast preparation
  • Environmentally friendly

CCI offers multiple different solutions for installation

  • Installation arranged by customer, alternatives:
    1. Own installation partners by customer. CCI supplies the material and installation instructions
    2. CCI trusted and professional installation partners
  • All inclusive installation by CCI
  • CCI also provides separate installation supervising services per customer request
  • CCI can also provide training services for installation

Retrowrap installation out at sea
Retrowrap HD2 installation timelapse