RETROWRAP SL is a wraparound corrosion protection concept with a joint area thickness of only ~12 mm. This concept is especially suitable for corrosion protection on areas or piles where allowed increase in pile diameter is limited or traditional flange fastening not wanted or feasible. This solution in also exceptional for dual diameter piles.

RETROWRAP SL is an excellent corrosion protection alternative for the offshore conductor connector industry, but is also fully suitable also for other applications in the splash zone, subsea or onshore.

  • Cold-applied – no hot work permit required
  • Minimal surface preparation; does not require substrate shot blast preparation
  • Quick and easy drill floor installation; no primer, filler or tapes
  • Provides easy passage of guide tubes without snagging or damage
  • Unaffected by connector running fluid
  • Supplied in one piece interlocking modular lengths
  • Easy removal and replacement for inspection
  • Provides active protection with environmentally safe corrosion inhibitors
  • Multilayer, heavy-duty but conformable construction
  • Polyurethane provides the highest abrasion resistance
  • Material to retain hoop tension throughout the projected operational life of the fabric.
  • Excellent UV, Ozone and Oxidization resistance
  • Resistance to high climactic temperature.
  • Resistance to hydrocarbon oil contamination
  • May be fitted with corrosion rate monitoring
Retrowrap SL dual diameter installation on a riser