RETROWRAP HD2 is a wraparound corrosion protection solution for inshore splash zone and underwater corrosion protection for piles, pipelines and risers. HD2 is specifically designed to endure rough splash zone and subsea conditions at hard storms and high temperature variations.

RETROWRAP HD2 is designed to suit any pile diameter from 100 mm to 3 meters, also square, hexagonal and octagonal shaped piles, and it may be interlocked to accommodate any required protective length. Full-length Geon™ closure flanges are factory-fitted with corrosion-resistant marine grade fasteners designed to retain Retrowrap in position throughout its service life. During installation, the flanges permit the creation of induced hoop tension within the multilayer fabric, which induces the corrosion-inhibited gel to flow and totally encapsulates and protects the substrate without the use of primers, fillers or tapes.

  • Maintenance free corrosion protection concept
  • Cost effective installation. Quick and easy to install; no primer, filler or tapes
  • Environmentally friendly and low lifespan Carbon Footprint due to long design lifetime, 25 years.
  • Minimal operational lifetime costs
  • Easy removal and replacement for inspection
  • Minimal pile surface preparation -does not require substrate shotblast preparation
  • Cold-applied – no hot work permit required
  • Hoop tension forces created within the outer skin resist high wave suction forces and sea growth
  • Material to retain hoop tension throughout the projected operational life of the fabric
  • Multilayer fabric, heavy-duty construction
  • Supplied in interlocking modular lengths
  • Polyurethane provides the highest abrasion resistance
  • Provides active protection with environmentally safe corrosion inhibitors
  • Excellent UV, Ozone and Oxidization resistance
  • Resistance to high climactic temperature variations and hydrocarbon oil contamination
  • May be fitted with corrosion rate monitoring
Retrowrap HD2 installation out at sea