Oxygen levels rise as water cleanup continues around coastal areas. O2 levels as low as 1 ppm will support marine borer activity, compromising timber piles supporting major waterfront structures. Highly elastomeric, Retrowrap T provides a water-tight bottom seal which prevents water pumping action and eliminates the supply of oxygenated water necessary to sustain borer activity. The nontoxic, environmentally safe, time release additive in Retrowrap T accelerates the cessation of existing borer activity. Inspections of current Retrowrap T projects show no further degradation and confirm the cessation of borer activity.

  • Proven UV-stable, highly conformable, heavy-duty EPDM fabric
  • Pre-installed stainless steel fasteners provide divers the ability to install in zero visibility
  • Changes biological conditions inside wrap to stop borer activity
  • Secured by full-length closure flange
  • Easy removal and replacement to facilitate pile inspection

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Retrowrap T installation